The Larger Vision Journey Involves Detours and Delays

Valeri Bocage CEO
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As we begin to pursue our Larger Vision, we encounter detours and delays along the way. Life has a way of putting us on a detour. Just when we believe everything is in order, disorder takes over. I have watched our members experiment with trial and error and experience fallout. Most will recover to find their way. The entrepreneurial work style is to allow our creative minds to wander. As members embrace new thought, they come to recognize how to expand their projects and empower more people.

Our Diamond to be Discovered

For a moment, let’s compare our journey to the discovery of a diamond in the ground. At first glance, we only see something unusual covered with dirt. But once we wash the mud off for a closer look, we see the precious sparkle. An entirely new thought unfolds as we examine the gem from all angles. Accordingly, our vision grows.

The journey itself comes with a test of our faith and belief. The delays and detours are not meant to stop us. What most don’t realize is that the sudden interruptions have a meaningful purpose. They give us time to pause, rethink and re-energize our mission.

Each temporary stop is for us to regain energy and enthusiasm for our work. The delay signals we are about to experience more remarkable events than we previously thought possible. The bonus for patiently waiting out the halted journey is the development of an inner strength that takes you by surprise. Finally, you and your brand are in a position to become a recognized leader.

Cristal’s Diamonds in the Rough

Cristal works with women and children in Pakistan. She helps them to leave their previous way of life on the street and out of harm’s way from human trafficking. The humanitarian effort is in teaching them how to develop their own business.

Another project of Cristal’s was working with refugee women and children in Houston. Their issue is the women want to send their children to school, but many cannot afford the books and clothes required by the schools. Different people with the same problem; many wind up on the streets. One of the efforts is to teach these women how to raise bees. The next instruction is how to package honey and make wax for candles. In the process, the women learn how to live independently by establishing their own business.

Cristal has helped hundreds of women and children to change their future for the better.


We can all imagine that Cristal’s work is highly rewarding as well as heartwarming to see the people she helps blossoming on their own. But in an instant, her detour arrived in the form of a horrific accident in Houston, TX.

Cristal and her mother were on their way to a rally in Houston. As they crossed the street, they were both hit by a city bus. The accident took Cristal out for months due to the injuries.

Vision Saves the Day

Many of Cristal’s activities were detoured and delayed. She endured much pain over the span of two years. The prescribed medication found her dizzy and too exhausted to get out of bed on most days. But there were special days when a spark of energy came to her. On these days, she gave keen attention to her dedicated work. Fully motivated to continue, Cristal never considered the idea of quitting. And she never lost sight of her vision for a better world. The focused work helped Cristal to heal.

Ready to move forward, Cristal realized it would be best to forego all medication and instead, heal naturally. The combination of time-out and natural healing allowed for rejuvenation and new ideas to come forward. Today, a larger vision and a bigger plan are in place to empower more people.

Takeaways from the Story
1. Allow for time-outs to rejuvenate self and power of thought
2. Natural healing provides room for new thought


Cristal working with a Pakistani woman.

Cristal standing in black among Pakistani women.

“Changing the lives of women changes the futures of families and communities for generations to come.” ~Valeri Bocage

Tips for Detours and Delays:
  1. Get the support of people who care about you
  2. Stay in the game as best you can and continue your effort
  3. Never give up, stay focused
  4. Do what you know to do to overcome the situation
  5. Stay strong and believe you will get through it

“Detours and delays are precious diamonds in disguise for a bigger vision”. ~Valeri Bocage

Join PWIC in our efforts to make the world better.  Lead and be a champion!

The added benefit is to build a highly admired personal and company brand.

Some of our Humanitarian Member Projects include (but are not limited to):

  • Assisting Burn Survivors
  • Stopping Human Trafficking
  • Reducing Recidivism
  • Aiding Children at Risk
  • Empowering Developing Countries
  • Working with the Homeless

With your help, we can expand our projects, uniting more women humanitarian leaders, helping them make a bigger impact in the world.  We would love to hear about your vision and how its implementation is changing peoples’ lives.

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