Prioritizing Your Health As Leaders

So, often we are busy assisting others that we do not take time for ourselves. If you are in any leadership position, most often your focus is on others. Most compassionate leaders that are changing lives put family first. They are always putting others first. When we take care of ourselves as a priority, we can better do for ourselves. Make sure you put you first. Take time for prayer and meditation, eat healthily, exercise and doing things you love.

~Valeri Bocage

Self Care for Humanitarian

by Shana McKinnon

Many times, the most treasured humanitarians, are ones who fail to see their self-worth. They give of themselves tirelessly and will burn through their reserves, leaving them feeling empty. They have a hard time with boundaries. Saying, “No,” to another is painful for their hearts, and they genuinely enjoy the feeling of goodness that coincides with giving their time and compassion to others.

Unfortunately, those healing humanitarians often have sensitive souls. It takes very little for their unyielding efforts to take their toll. They get overwhelmed and fatigued, as they strain themselves for the sake of others’ needs or wants. Sometimes, sadly, they also adopt a sense of resentment for those they’re helping. They may feel taken advantage of or unappreciated.

For these humanitarians’ preservation, introducing boundaries and self-care is crucial. Self-care presents itself in many ways. For some, getting a pedicure or massage helps re-center and recharge the self. Others benefit from a nap, meditation, going for a run, swimming, having a relaxed meal, sipping a nice cup of herbal tea, or an enjoying a sparkly Kombucha. Taking the time, and focusing on one’s own needs, helps humanitarians feel fueled and re-energized.

Thankfully, our society consists of many givers. Many other people could not survive without the givers’ generosity and kind hearts.

If you are one of these dear humanitarian leaders, remember how talented you are. Your time, heart, kindness, generosity, passion, perseverance, and dedication are honored blessings. Know that your efforts are appreciated, and society would crumble without you. Please, so that you stay strong, take care of your own needs. “One cannot fill from an empty cup.”

Key Tips

  1. Make you health a top priority
  2. Put yourself first, so you can powerfully assist others
  3. Take time to enjoy your life, you will be the better for doing so


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