Staying the Course for Your BIGGER VISION

Valeri Bocage

CEO Powerful Women International Connections

People who have a vision for their businesses or projects start out working with certain people to help. Usually they form a team to make that vision come alive. Everyone is usually inspired in the beginning and ready to go. Sometimes a person or persons will fall off your team for various reasons. Sometimes conflicts happen. This happens everywhere in many companies and organizations. If you are the visionary who initiated the concept  losing someone who decides to leave is Not a bad thing. It just means it is time for your vision to grow BIGGER! Really? Yes it is!

Everyone is different and with different beliefs.   Sometimes people lose sight or did not agree with the way you were doing things.  That is OK too.  Trust yourself and your gut feeling to do what’s right and best for you and your vision.   If  people leave for that reason it may mean they could not be strong enough to go to the next level with you.     However if you stay the course you will begin to see that no matter how bad the situation is or originally feels you will see the vision grow and how to accomplish it better.   How exciting is that!  When things are going crazy, hold on to your horse, so to say, you may be going for a little rough ride.  Then you see a bigger picture once the turbulence is over.  Remember you cannot grow with people doubting you or causing confusion.  It is best they go for both your sakes.  Don’t be afraid to let them go no matter how much value a person seems to bring.  It is better to work with peace of mind, happiness and joy than confusion.   If you are doing good things,  peace and joy will allow for a better person to come forth.  Always!

My Story

This year has been the craziest I have ever seen.  Many team members got ill, had crisis, things went crazy for some, members having crisis.  The world seemed to be going nuts everywhere.  We did not have the band-with to do a lot of things the way we had planned.  However I kept going and working through all of it.  Our plans changed however it was not a bad thing.  We just made changes with the new plans.  My brother, Edwin told me once that we see to the corner which means what we can see and know.  Then he said, “God sees around the corner.” This means there are things we cannot foresee and have no idea is going to happen.  We just have to adjust to the new plans.

So, I kept holding on and pressing on.  I looked at all the good and kept the bigger vision in my mind.  By doing so, I saw that we actually got congratulatory calls from top people  about what we were doing to change lives to congratulate us. We also got more people to come and assist.  No matter what crisis we had going on we still managed to help our members with their crisis.  They were also able to still make a Bigger Impact in society.  I noticed more people coming when a few had to leave for various reason, mainly illnesses.  We kept going.  I did not realize that by persisting that we were not losing momentum however actually gaining it.  Every time one team member got ill or had a crisis, someone else came immediately to replace them.  They came with more ideas to help us grow.  So I saw that by not giving up or giving in to illness, or crisis or the crazies, we were actually growing.   I did not look at it that way before. I was dealing with the crisis and the crazies.   We just keep doing what needed to be done.

I just recently looked at what we had done in spite all of the breakdown stuff. One major accomplishment was putting together a team for our first walk in 2018. In addition we have identified the location for the walk.  We have also attracted more people to help with many other aspects of our work.

After looking at all the positive outcomes now, I can now see more of the miracles and inspired growth.  I believe no matter what you see or how things go, no matter who comes, who remains or who leaves, you will only get Bigger and Better when you stay focused and stay the course.  Be persistent and you will win at whatever you do.   

Stay the Course for the BIGGER VISION

Key Points to Remember

  1. Keep your bigger vision at the forefront
  2. Look at how to go with the new plans that arrive
  3. Stay happy and inspired
  4. Never give up or give in
  5. Be persistent
  6. Stay the course
  7. Remember you only win if you believe it
  8. Know that breakdown is a way to grow bigger
  9. Stay true to yourself
  10. Make sure you are making a difference for someone else

Edited by Shana McKinnon

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