New Visionaries in Today’s Business World

More people today, than any other time in history, are either starting or already own a businesses. Some are not clear about what to do. Others are clear and are unsure of how to start. There are also those who have total clarity. They know how to accomplish it. These women are following the old way of conducting business. They are not the new visionaries of today.

Then there are those who have a vision that is so clear to them that Nothing can keep them from moving forward. These visionaries see the finished idea in their mind, and they feel it in their hearts.  An incredible force drives them. This power propels them, and it unfolds in a nontraditional way. They can share their vision with those who understand, support it.  These visionaries can envision the result. They know that, no matter what, they must find a way, and make this vision come to fruition. They don’t follow the norm regarding how businesses are structured.  Instead, they focus on their goals, and the idea unfolds organically. They must be willing, and allow for their business’s transformation. Trying to conduct a traditional business plan only gets in the way of the creative flow.

These emerging visionaries cannot conform to the standard, cookie-cutter ways of conducting their enterprise. They do things differently than companies are typically structured. These visionaries naturally follow their gut instincts and force they cannot explain. People draw towards them and want to help them carry out their vision. If these visionaries try to conform to a healthy way of conducting business, they get suppressed, and cannot move forward. They are not money driven they can make, nor meeting bottom line deadlines. This drive is more significant than most can understand.

These new visionaries are working without a traditional business plan. My team and I have tried (many times) to create and follow conventional business plans. Each time we try, the business seems to flow in another, yet more positive direction. Usually, I would think I was crazy, or completely off track. However, I remember reading one of Larry Julian’s books. Larry Julian has written: God Is My CEO, God Is Success, and God Is My Coach. In one of his books, Larry reflected on going on a retreat. He went without his family, cell phone, and left behind all of this technology. Larry set out to write his five-year business plan. He pondered and had several thoughts about his family.  Larry wondered what they were doing. That first day, he could not seem to write, nor get started with his business plan. The next morning, he fixed tea and toast. Then he heard a soft voice say, “How can you write a business plan for the things I have planned for your life?” After reading that, I said, “WOW! How amazing is that?” I can now see why everything my company tried seemed to shift. How could we write a business plan better than God already had created for us?

When our business strategist, Carrie Nikitin, first came on board, she had some ideas and a business model. After visiting our members (in a few cities), and talking to them, she told us that we had to throw her original idea to the wayside. Carrie realized our organization was something different. We had to let things happen authentically. I was happy about that! It felt like what we were doing was different than the norm. It led me to believe, that in today’s world true visionaries are not traditionally conducting business.

I felt validated after hearing Carrie’s words, and that was reaffirmed while rereading Larry’s musings. He didn’t need his business plan. He was still a best-selling author. Many Fortune 500 companies read, and refer to his books. When Carrie concurred with how I was feeling, I was able to let things go, and no longer felt I had to write a cookie-cutter business plan. I believed wholeheartedly, I was doing the right thing by allowing the organization’s natural flow. Carrie built her own technology company from the ground up. She could choose to sell her innovative company for a few billion dollars. Today, Carrie brings new and different technology to the world of business. She is a visionary of change.

Finally, I looked at one of our members, Lorelei. I have written about her in my past blogs. Lorelei had the vision to help her community, and she accomplished her goal untraditionally. She just went with her gut feeling, and in only five and a half weeks, built a forest style Tourist Village. That accomplishment still amazes me! Lorelei told me, “If I had to wait on doing what I did, and was made to do so in a traditional way, I would not have been able to do it.” In just the first year, 100,000 people flocked to her attraction.

Valeri Bocage

CEO Powerful Women International Connections

Lorelei’s website:


If you are starting a business, or have a vision, and are frustrated with the traditional method, you are not alone. Take a deep breath, reflect, and ask yourself, “What do you want to accomplish?” Look at the bigger picture.  Write down creative ways you can accomplish your goals. Form a team, and make sure everyone is aligned. If anyone seems to doubt you or your vision, please remove them from your side.  The least bit of doubt will affect the entire team, and your business will not move forward. Make sure your vision includes how you are going to change lives. Do not focus on how much money you hope to make. If you get too focused on money, and all the ways you can make money, chances are your vision will fizzle out quickly. Stay focused on how many lives you will affect, and how you will help change society. Then go for it! You are the new visionary, not constrained by how things used to be. Reach for your goals, and imagine the difference you will make. Realize your community, and the higher world will positively benefit from your dream.

The money comes in when you are clear about your vision, have a team that believes in you, and everyone stays on the same page. If money is not coming in, chances are something, or someone is off. Once you discover what is unclear, and have removed the negative doubters, then everything will happen as it should. Ultimately, with God, you can accomplish more than your mind is capable of imagining. Instead of trying to meet bottom lines or deadlines, people and money will come and naturally flow to you.

Also, you will learn that when an obstacle occurs, it does not mean it is time to close up shop and give up. Instead, use the lesson, and learn from it. Your vision will grow from this situation, and you will realize powerful truths.

“If you never give up, or give in, you will only get better. With each problem that arises, seek out the lesson, and envision bigger opportunities.” ~Valeri Bocage

In the quietness of your day, you may get inspired by a vision. This vision may be the start of a business or organization, and it will make a difference in the lives of others.

You are the only one that sees your vision.

No who else can see your vision the way you do.

BELIEVE, you can do it!

Keys Points to Remember:

  1. Have a clear vision.
  2. See the bigger picture of your vision.
  3. Don’t conform to traditional, cookie cutter business models; get creative.
  4. Get a team who understands you and your vision in its entirety.
  5. Know that if it is your vision, you can accomplish anything!
  6. Believe, and you WILL Achieve!
  7. Help others to better their lives.
  8. Surround yourself with people who have the same kind of beliefs you do.

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