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Community Friday:  Inspiration All Week Long

Valeri Bocage CEO
Powerful Women International Connections

We live in a world filled with inspiration. Consumers and clients are inspired to like, love, and buy what we represent.

Did you ever stop to think what you do could be an inspiration for those around you? Be it a boss, co-worker, relative or friend; your actions influence those who connect with you. Knowingly or unknowingly, our lives do inspire others to make their lives better!

3 Examples of Courage and Charisma

Establish One’s Own Voice

One of my favorite examples is that of Diana, Princess of Wales. She wanted to be more than just a Princess at a Prince’s side. She not only exemplified being a loving Mother, having a huge heart and setting the right example, but she was active in many charities. Her passion was to improve human welfare, from AIDS to the campaign to prevent landmines. Diana was a prime role-model and inspiration for millions across the globe.

Transform Hardship to Heroism

We remember Helen Keller as a woman who openly faced the difficult challenge of being blind. She courageously decided to take her disadvantage and turn it into an advantage for others. She spent most of her life de-stigmatizing the disability. She also actively campaigned for better conditions, and for all who are blind.

I Am Strong and So Are You!

Oprah is a black woman who was born into poverty. All the while she faced childhood abuse and underwent a teenage pregnancy. Many would have been crushed by those overwhelming challenges. However, Oprah chose to overcome by leading with her mission of inspiring women everywhere.

By the age of 19, a radio show and her talent to ad-lib kicked off a career and journey that is truly inspirational. Her confidence took root and grew. She started her own emotionally-centered television talk show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, which ran for an unprecedented record of two and half decades!

To further empower other women, she revamped the show to focus on literature, self-improvement, and spirituality. She went on to become an actress, producer, media proprietor and philanthropist. Oprah is currently North America’s first and only multi-billionaire black person.

Be the Hero!

With the advent of technology and social media, we now have the ability to affect others’ lives even if we are not nearby. All things we say are now available to our friends, as well as the world!

As I took a walk, I first gave thought to the traditional methods for bringing the sunshine into someone’s life. My network invariably assisted the homeless, visited the ill in hospitals and baked brownies for school events. On the business end, some of our members brought their homemade brownies to police stations and fire stations as a way of thanking the people for their bravery and very important work.

My mind then turned to social media. I asked myself, what would happen if everyone on the social platforms were to make it their mission to motivate just one person’s life for the better? I then moved from the scenario of helping one person to the idea of beginning a movement to empower many. We’ve come to recognize the silent power of sharing our messaging along with working for the greater good. And by employing a collaborative effort that extends our reach, the magnitude of social empowerment can be incredible!

Freely Giving

At times, companies and small business owners may inspire others. A person I know who is continually giving back is Ruth Stroup. Her day job is being a Farmers Insurance Agent and one who focuses on helping others. Ruth has a heart of gold and genuinely wants to make a difference!

As a community leader, her vision is to help train and create jobs for local underprivileged youth, aging from 16 to 21, in her community of Oakland, CA. In the different organizations to which she belongs, she gives advice, information, and resources to those who are helping others, freely. Due to Ruth’s positive spirit and vision, she naturally and organically gains new clients and changes the lives of many for the better.

Ruth Mary Stroup

To further the betterment of the world and our communities, we can all choose new ways to serve others.  I challenge you to identify one new opportunity and set your vision and mission.  Then, approach it with positivity, tenacity, and perseverance.  Know that all you do is being watched by others, and admired by many.  You just might be the inspiration others need to set new goals and help others contribute to creating a better future for all!

“Inspiration is contagious. When you are energized and motivated to accomplish goals, you energize and motivate others, and the cycle repeats.” ~ Valeri Bocage

Ms. Marion Bieber

Join PWIC in our efforts to make the world better.  Lead and be a champion!

The added benefit is to build a highly admired personal and company brand.

Some of our Humanitarian Member Projects include (but are not limited to):

  • Assisting Burn Survivors
  • Stopping Human Trafficking
  • Reducing Recidivism
  • Aiding Children at Risk
  • Empowering Developing Countries
  • Working with the Homeless

With your help, we can expand our projects, uniting more women humanitarian leaders, helping them make a bigger impact in the world.  We would love to hear about your vision and how its implementation is changing peoples’ lives.

NOTE:  By incorporating giving and helping communities of your choice, you will experience  The Smooth Sale!

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