Do You Visualize and Pursue Victory?

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We are often inspired to take on new challenges. We contemplate the five W’s: who, what, when, where and why, and then, consider the how’s and the possibility of success. Can we take on this challenge and visualize victory? After looking down the road and trying to visualize the five W’s in action, we need to decide if we are going to believe in ourselves, and with patience, persistence, and perseverance will we proceed with our new challenge. The only rule with taking on a challenge is taken from the sales handbook – work for a win-win: Good for the world and good for you, too!

Visualization of Victory Comes First

After we commit to our new challenge, we need to proceed with patience. We must believe in our vision and know we are capable of far more than we realize. It’s best to acknowledge there may be bumps along the way as we head toward our vision. Emotionally, this can make us feel like we should strap ourselves in for the bumpy ride.

Others may give up, while we proceed with persistence and tenacity. Persistence is doing something again and again until it works. Tenacity is the determination to find new ways to meet our challenges. The better strategy is to find a balance between and utilize both so we may successfully achieve our long-term vision.

To navigate through life’s challenges, we have to persevere with unwavering resolve. All learning we do along the way makes us stronger and wiser, preparing us for bigger and better things. My sister, Nancy, says this new you is your “New Normal.” Lately, I’ve watched two of our members (whom I’ve spoken about before) rise to become their “New Normal.”

For an example, read last week’s Blog “Transform Your Vision into Reality.”

Louann’s Perseverance to Get to India

Louann is someone who has risen to her ‘New Normal.’ She left her career as a nuclear engineer to follow her heart and work with parents, teachers, and children, assisting them with their relationships. Louann told me about an extraordinary program in India which would make a huge difference in her project.

Then the unexpected happened. Louann was diagnosed with stomach cancer and needed surgery, and chemotherapy to follow. She had also just been through a bad divorce, as she strived to maintain financial solvency. In spite of facing all of those challenges, she never stopped talking about the workshop in India, because she believed it would help her make a difference with her work. Meanwhile, on some days, she was weak from therapy. Other days, when she was feeling an ounce of strength, she conducted research both on the program and on helping others beat cancer.

Louann was patient, persistent, kept a positive attitude and persevered. Our members called her, offering support. Louann began holding workshops in her home while raising her teenage son alone. With her vision set on the India program, Louann proceeded with tenacity and focus on how much of a difference this program would make for others.

Louann was rolling ahead with full steam while conquering health issues, restructuring her life as a single Mom and preparing for her trip to India, from California. Many times I would call to check in on her and she would be at her son’s school board meetings or preparing for one of her workshops.
The Magic of Tenacity

Despite all the restraints Louann faced, she made it to India and completed the program! Louann’s desire to help others took precedence over her challenging circumstances. It is highly inspiring to watch these wonderful women who would do anything to make the world a better place!

Louann (on right) in India

I also watched another member push past obstacles to reach her, “New Normal.” Here is her story.
Greta’s Tenacity to Expand Her Territory

Greta knew it was time to expand her work with feeding the underprivileged and elderly from just New Orleans, to more of a global reach. She enrolled in a Summer Program with the United Nations.

Once Greta decided to attend the Program, it looked like everything in her life started to turn upside down. She was unable to get the healthy food she had been providing for many years to the community. Then, the grant she applied for was delayed, and she was unable to pay her staff.

Her upcoming program in New York was approaching fast. Greta sent me a text message at 2:00 a.m. (PST), which was 4 a.m. in New Orleans. She was working through the wee hours of the night on her project aiding the community. Sometimes, she reached out to me to vent. The next day, however, Greta was all smiles and sounded happy even though she was still in the midst of her challenges. She would say, “I am trying to embody what God is telling me to do.”

Greta’s Gift in Disguise

When the food deliveries continued in delay, she was led to change directions. Greta’s a-ha moment became, “I believe I need to stop providing food and teach others how to be independent and supply food for themselves. I need to teach them how to fish, instead of just doing it for them.”

While Greta grew in wisdom, she persevered with great patience and a positive attitude. Anticipating things were going well, I asked if her projected goals were coming to life. She would laugh and say, “I wish they had already! But, I’m so thankful for the progress already made. I know that with my continued perseverance and tenacity, success is on the way. I’m keeping the faith!”

Sure enough, two days before leaving to complete her program in New York with the United Nations, she received approval for the grant.

Greta (third from right) with her new global community in the United Nations Program held in New York.

Leadership Tips

1. Affirm daily you have the power to manifest your vision.
2. Shift your awareness to your greater purpose and create your ‘New Normal.’
3. Line up a support team for challenges you may face.
4. With patience, confront your fears and stay focused on your vision.
5. Persevere each day with action towards your vision.
6. Proceed with tenacity in overcoming challenges.

“Permanence, perseverance, and persistence in spite of all obstacles, discouragements, and impossibilities: It is this, that in all things distinguish the strong soul from the weak.” — Thomas Carlyle

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