The Calling That Was Heard

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As Najjiyya Arnold shared her story with me, I wondered how many others would have arisen again and again as she has done.  But Najjiyya hasn’t stopped just in saving herself, she turned around to help many thousands of others.  Should you find her story inspiring, please share with your friends and followings.

Born Dead

My beginning in life almost didn’t happen. I was born in Detroit Michigan the eldest of 3 other siblings. You see, I was pronounced dead at birth. Three attempts were made to revive me. On the third and last attempt, I became conscious and started to cry. I believe my survival was a sign from the Creator granting me favor.

Humble Beginnings

My life growing up was a humble one. We were raised in poverty and often went without food and proper clothing. My biological father abandoned me at infancy. By the age of eight years old, I became a caregiver to my mother whose hands and feet were crippled from Rheumatoid Arthritis. I also took care of my younger siblings who could not care for themselves.

Attacked ~ Repeatedly

I must be favored. Growing up in the slums of Detroit, I was attacked and strangled at age eleven until nearly unconscious. I was assaulted with a knife held to my throat while being robbed. Lastly, I was molested, beaten, and left for dead in an alley not far from my home. But, I survived.

Turning Point

As a young adult, I wanted to experience life from a different perspective. So, at the age of 19, I embarked upon a career as a professional model. My life began to drastically change after meeting and marrying my first husband.   He was a businessman and 3rd degree black belt. He taught me self defense in the system of Taekwondo Karate. This contributed to my ever-growing self-confidence.

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The miracle of my birth and taking care of my mother and siblings helped to shape my vision. My focus turned to assisting others less fortunate than me. I returned to academics and continued my education.

My education helped me to prepare a stage and platform for my future students to exercise their unique, innate talents and skills. I now coach students and personalize their transformation. My coaching bolsters their self-esteem and builds their self-worth and confidence. Students receive my services through after-school programs and at youth bible study.


Throughout my life people have helped me in some way. I stand on the shoulders of those men and women who paved the way for me. It is now incumbent upon me to give back by helping the next generation and underprivileged to flourish.


My non-profit, Profiles Unlimited, assists the underprivileged community. Profiles Unlimited programs include the “Feed My Sheep Feeding” program for homeless families and veterans, and provides Christmas Gifts for many families.   Partnering with Barnes and Noble, we have added a much needed reading program for children.

I feel that I was born to help others and I get immense gratification from empowering, elevating, and assisting others to be all they can be

Profiles Unlimited’s current project is a Literacy Fundraising Book Fair, sponsored by Barnes & Noble Booksellers.

You can assist us by purchasing books online or at their stores, during the book launch between April 23 -29, 2016 to support the literacy program.

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An introduction or sharing of this story may inspire others to improve their lives, too.  
Najjiyya’s self-defense program is designed to protect and keep you out of harm’s way.

Click here to visit Najjiyya website, and learn more about her community.

She is a shining example of how we may each work together to positively impact society.

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