The Beauty of Confidence

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My association with PWIConnections is extraordinarily inspiring.  Upon hearing the stories of a few members, I volunteered to share every member story with you.  Why?

The hardship and tragedy each member experienced and met with a positive mindset, guided these powerful women to new heights.  But it isn’t themselves that they hold in mind.  Each woman views the world we live in as an opportunity to vastly improve the lives of others.

After reading Justina Page’s Story, please let me know how it inspires you, and ideas coming to the surface for your next steps.

Justina’s Story

Catastrophe Strikes

On March 7, 1999, we awoke to explosions, immense heat, and darkness. “Oh my God, the house is on fire!” I yell. My husband immediately throws me out of the window desperate to try and save his family. I reenter the inferno in an attempt to get to the 22 month old twins who I knew could not follow a fire safety plan. I am trapped by a burning book case. My oldest son grabs his three younger brothers and waits at the point. My husband is able to rescue them and they walk away, by the grace of God, with only 1st and 2nd degree burns.

The Fire Is Intense

My husband runs around the block and jumps over the neighbor’s back fence to get to the nursery where the twins are. He pulls one of the twins out. He is severely burned. Then the crushing blow happens. The house caves in before my husband is able to rescue the last twin. We lose Amos on sight. Me and the other twin suffer 3rd degree burns over 55% of our bodies. My husband is told we would not make it.

The Lesson & The Blessing

I have discovered that personal tragedy is not a life sentence to despair. Instead, it can be a great lead into purpose. There are many types of fires – emotional, financial, relational, and otherwise. Hope is our greatest internal life coach to recovery from them. Hope is the heartbeat of survival.

Have A Plan And Practice That Plan

It is better to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to fire safety. Here are a few tips:

  • Have A Fire Safety Plan
  • Practice That Plan
  • Install Smoke Detectors
  • Install a Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • Check Batteries Regularly
  • Install Fire Sprinklers

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A Beauty Conscious Society

In our beauty conscious society, few things are more traumatizing than physical disfigurement. As a burn survivor, I have learned how to step back into the world with confidence and now spend my life teaching others to do the same. My purpose is to give others tools they need to conquer their insecurities and boldly proclaim their true beauty with confidence.

The Amos House of Faith

In 2007, I established my nonprofit, The Amos House of Faith, to provide much needed post-burn support for families and children affected by burn trauma. The After Burns Club program provides critical help in the form of support groups, activities, and refreshments. The atmosphere provides a safe space for the children to process the challenges, problems, and psychosocial issues that arise from burn trauma.

Going Forward

Our goal is to establish The Amos House of Faith Family Home. This house will provide temporary housing, light meals, and a vitally important support environment for the caretakers of seriously injured patients.

Stay Encouraged

Success is another way of saying “I didn’t quit.” Fight until you win! – J. Page

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Justina Page, CEO
Author and Speaker

Justina Page is a natural storyteller who speaks with a bold and refreshing honesty that touches the hearts of audiences. Her speeches unfold with a combination of humor, insightful observation, and wisdom, as well as practical application. She now inspires audiences across the country with a powerful message of hope and triumph.

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