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Thank you from CEO, Valeri Bocage

The book fair for children’s literacy was a hit! The children did not want to leave the Sacramento, CA Barnes & Noble bookstore April 23-24 for the instore program.   Many of the children were excited to read their favorite books to the anxious audience.   Thank you to everyone that supported this cause.

Together we may positively impact society. – E. Stutz

Najjiyya Arnold’s non-profit, Profiles Unlimited, partnered with Barnes and Noble April 23-29 in hosting the book fair for children’s literacy.   Profiles Unlimited was able to do over $4,000 in book sales just in the store with their special reading program for children. This does not include any online sales. We want to sincerely thank everyone who participated with Najjiyya who is one of our members of Powerful Women International Connections.

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You may still assist the literacy program by purchasing a book online OR in the store by April 29th.  Click here to visit the Barnes and Noble website and use the Voucher Code 11821477.

It Takes a Community

It takes a community to make things happen!   When people support each other, it makes a bigger impact for those making a difference and the community of people who are benefiting from that difference.

Our members are supporting each other’s projects and connecting to make a difference in the lives of others.   Suppose for a moment that those people who are positively impacting lives are making an even larger impact with their projects and programs. Together, we could actually make the world a better place for everyone!


  • Imagine our children growing up in a world where we support each other as a natural way of being.
  • Imagine children who are taught that they matter no matter what race or nationality they are or what their circumstances may be.
  • Imagine that children grow up believing they can be whatever they want.
  • Imagine no homelessness and no hunger in the world.

Examples of What Our Members Are Doing:

  • Stopping Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking
  • Empowering the Homeless
  • Putting Clean Water in Developing Countries
  • Creating Empowerment Programs for Children Women and Families…

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Imagine Your Contribution

Imagine that YOU were a part of this world change. You ARE and can be.   If you don’t have a project, how could you join someone that does? OR, start one yourself?   How could YOU contribute to make a difference?

It takes a community to make a change and YOU are a part of that change. When we weave our talents and skills together we become more powerful in making a difference. A community can start with ONE person and can grow exponentially with others.

Sales Tips:

  1. Imagine the one biggest change you would like to see in the world.
  2. Research similar ideas in process.
  3. List how your ideas are unique and the difference they each may make.
  4. Decide whether to partner or build your own company or organization.
  5. Set milestones to be achieve in the near term.
  6. Establish your long term vision.
  7. Share your idea with close friends and peers.
  8. Develop talking points to motivate and inspire others to join in.
  9. Over time, create off-shoots to leverage your main program.
  10. Build a global audience to ignite your vision.

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