Are You Building Community As You Build Business?

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Valeri Bocage, CEO and President
Powerful Women International Connections.


Have you ever met someone who made such an immediate and powerful impression that you knew instantly they were someone very special?

This type of encounter describes what I felt upon first meeting Valeri. I never before met anyone quite like her. I was taken by great surprise as she provided her brief vision of global improvement.

Valeri is on a mission to empower the women and the children of the world. Today I am introducing Valeri Bocage, CEO and President of Powerful Women International Connections.

Educating Children in Africa

Surviving Extreme Loss

In 2005, I lost everything in Hurricane Katrina.  Shortly thereafter, I moved from New Orleans to San Francisco with all my belongings – a suitcase with a few clothes – and my indomitable spirit to help others.

I then formed Powerful Women International (PWI) to help women live their dreams. I was thrilled as women members began to support each other worldwide in fulfilling their vision.

Seeing Need

In 2012, I remembered my childhood dream. It was to change the world by positively impacting and enhancing the lives of others. I especially wanted children to have promising futures. As a child, I was deeply saddened when I learned that there were children who did not have coats, a TV to watch, and would often go without food. Even at eight years old, I wanted to make a difference. I wanted people to have necessities and more.

My experience of working with women has taught me a key insight. I can make a positive impact by motivating and inspiring women to:

  • Focus on their innate gifts and talents
  • Use their gifts and talents to impact communities where they have a great passion.

With this principle and belief, the process of rebranding PWI to Powerful Women International Connections (PWIC) was born.











Stop Human Trafficking


I believe that everyone has a God given path and purpose. However, we don’t always fulfill on it.   Most of us only yearn to do so.  This misalignment is usually due to how a person is raised, their circumstances, and the perceived need to make money just to live.

Yet, we all have the capacity to impact and inspire. I firmly believe that we all have a desire (and the ability) to do something bigger than ourselves.

Members of PWIC are women who are:

  • Stopping Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking
  • Empowering the Homeless
  • Putting Clean Water in Developing Countries
  • Creating Empowerment Programs for Children, Women and Families
  • Advocating for the Less Fortunate
  • and more

PWIC Projects 2016-20:

National Project –

Restructuring the Prison System and
Developing and Delivering Training Programs for the Incarcerated

Global Project:

Rebuilding School/Orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya

Please join us at our Global Impact Conference August 18-19, 2016

‘Women making a positive impact in society’ –

Honoring and Connecting Women Humanitarians & Expanding Their Projects

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