Remaining Strong Invites Mastery

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PWIC Story

PWIC is staying strong in the area of elevating underprivileged and at-risk individuals and communities around the world. Our members use their innate gifts and mastery in skills to make a difference in humanity. To contribute to our cause, please visit our campaign at our GoFundMe page.

Valeri’s Story

Usually, when we start something new, we make lots of mistakes. Even worse, sometimes our new venture includes many painful mistakes. We often say when things go wrong, “Well, I won’t do that thing again!” We might look at things as errors; but they are actually valuable learning lessons – if we allow them to be such.

We might invite the wrong person in our lives to help us. Then, we say, “Shhheessh! I won’t invite that kind of person to help again.” However, this is how we learn! We have to experience the situation in order to improve.

I remember my sister used to feel sorry for people when they were evicted from their homes or had no place to live. She would invite them to live with her without paying for food or rent so they could get back on their feet. But, it would always turn out that they wouldn’t want to leave. They were needy, and would eat all of her food.

After several years of doing the same thing, she finally decided, “No More!” She lives on a street called Hampton, so she would say, “The Hampton Inn is closed!” It made me laugh and I told her, “Yes, I did that twice and “Valeri’s Inn is closed too!” We both laughed. But, we had to go through it more than once to fully understand the lesson.


We all make mistakes in our lives. And, our missteps can be our greatest growing lessons. At PWIC, we have a policy of telling our team members, when they make mistakes and apologize, “No worry, it is just a learning lesson.” Then we all have a good laugh.


Through all of it, the key is to remain strong. Keep your dream in clear focus. A good analogy is to think about learning how to shoot with a bow and arrow. The first time you try, it may land anywhere except on target. But with practice, you eventually hit the target. By trying again and again, no matter the situation, you become masterful.

Think about the things in which you have become masterful such as computer skills, writing, editing, negotiations, collaborating, speaking, social media, traveling, family reunions, cooking… When you realize the many things in which you can claim mastery, you know that the key was to not give up.  Instead, you chose to stay the course and remain strong.



The continued effort enabled you to hit your target with precision. Doing so also helped you to master what was needed to become the expert in your field. The same applies to your dream. Stay strong, and never give up to become the master of your endeavors to achieve your grandest vision.


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Sales Tips:
  1. Admit and accept errors.
  2. Come to terms with what did not work correctly.
  3. Discard what did not work well.
  4. Replace the broken piece with a brand new idea.
  5. Confer with others to help ensure success the next time.
  6. Experiment with ideas and tweaking to find improved results.
  7. Expand upon what works best.
  8. Share your findings with your community.
  9. Promote the better ideas within your community.
  10. Celebrate success together.
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