Letting Go Invites New Possibility

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Valeri’s Story

In our journey of life and business, there comes a time to purge the old in order to give something new a try. What once flowed smoothly is suddenly flooded with problems.

Take Care of You and Business

Upon attempting to fix a problem, new ones will unexpectedly occur. If we aren’t careful, the issues may increase negative thinking. Our stress levels will increase if we allow it, and affect our health. In these instances, remember to take a deep breath in order to focus on the positive and to regain control.

Pay close attention to everything. This includes your friends and peers too, in case something doesn’t seem quite right. Disruptions arise for everyone. No one is unique in this regard. Judgment may become clouded and affect relationships. Should others decide to terminate working with you, respect their decision. For whatever reason they choose to go, let them do so with love and peace.

Life Lessons

When life interrupts, it’s because you are getting closer to your dream being fulfilled. To see it come forth, the right atmosphere and the right people need to be in place. Like magic, new people will always show up to help. Change is a part of the process for this to happen. Remain positive to see what miracles may come from it.

When we try to hold on to people and things, we hold ourselves in bondage without realizing it. It’s okay when someone needs to exit from your relationship. It means that their time with you has ended. During the process, both you and the person will grow from the experience.

In spite of all of the negatives, hold tightly onto your vision and dream!


Many times disruptions are difficult to understand. Sometimes the answer arrives quickly and other times it takes years. Let the doubt go. Purging the non-working elements serves to help you gain traction for the next levels of life.

The expression, “Time is on your side”, holds much truth. As we move forward along with time, it becomes apparent that we have done so to prepare us for the next level.

Positive Thinking for Negative Circumstances

I have experienced people coming and going from my life. After the drama unfolds, I see the freedom to get more done.

I have watched venues decline in the value they bring. Accepting the fact allowed for improved solutions to emerge.

I remain focused on the positive as it allows the letting go of negative experiences easier. This opens doors for the better ideas to arrive, and at a quicker pace.

I always focus on helping people. The more I help others, the more my company and team grow. In this way, less time is spent on dealing with the need to let go.

Be willing to accept change in order to welcome the seeming miracles into your life.

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