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We had a tremendous time at the PWIC Global Impact Conference, August 18-19, in San Francisco, CA. The two day conference was filled with excitement, connections, energy, and enthusiasm. We featured all of our humanitarian projects to make the world a better place, especially for our children.

Justina Page, provided this testimonial:  “I now know I have the right ideas and collaborative partners in place to build the Amos House for burn survivors. The conference gave me the added confidence and strategic insight I needed for moving forward.”

As our keynote speaker, Carrie Nikitin, presented PWIC’s National Prison Project to reduce recidivism.  Attendees listened intently and joined in the discussion.  Several female leaders attended who have projects developing for the incarcerated. This resulted in new collaborations formed focused on making a bigger impact with the prisons and the newly released.

We also discussed our global project to rebuild the school/orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya that we have adopted. Like magic, new collaborations formed to make a bigger impact with the school.

Powerful male leaders joined in for the two days as well. Nicholas Zaldastani spoke about how men can add to the value of women’s projects to make a bigger impact in society. As a result, the men and women began collaborating to expand each other’s humanitarian projects. Magic? Yes, it seemed like it was magical. But, in all honesty, it was the best group of passionate leaders I have ever witnessed. All seemed hungry to work together, to make a bigger impact. It was food for the soul!


Nicholas Zaldastani Speaking about the power of women and that\ of men and women working together to make a Bigger Impact to change lives of others.

The “magic” continued as our members who were panelists and exhibitors shared with the audience insights about their individual projects. These projects include stopping human trafficking, empowering developing countries, working to improve underprivileged communities, building a facility for families of burn survivors, and much more. The collaboration just flowed and flowed. It seemed endless for the connections that were made.

Pam Terry from Houston, TX and Delia Horwitz from California were the emcees each day.  They brought their expertise, mastery, and wisdom to the conference leading the attendees through the panel discussions and group dialogue.  This encouraged further collaboration for each project. They were part of the “magic” too!

Experts such as Dr. Denise Strong from New Orleans provided her wisdom on nonprofit structure.  She also helped to start the Global Impact Conference for PWIC when we began creating it a couple of years ago. Elinor Stutz, internationally known best-selling author, shared her skills of powerfully building relationships online. Social media strategy was taught for members to boost their projects in order to help more people.  She has also been working behind the scenes to build the community worldwide for PWIC. Elinor brought her husband to the conference. He commented that this was the best and most inspiring conference he had ever attended!

On Thursday evening, at the end of our first day of connections and collaborations, the San Francisco Police Department’s Sergeant Steven Pomatto and his colleague, Officer Phil Helmer, joined Najjiyya Arnold, former body guard to Muhammad Ali, and her associate, Adrienne Jones, owner of Soaring Eagles Taekwondo in Vallejo, CA. Their purpose was to teach self-defense training. The training was presented to prepare our members who work late in the evenings. These include risk prone areas, such as bad neighborhoods, and prisons. Of course, we had to change into more appropriate attire for the training. We learned so much! We learned about the power of your voice, how to walk confidently, subtle maneuvers to defend yourself, tools to use and not use, and strategy. The entire self-defense training built our confidence. It was emphasized that confidence alone is your first line of defense.

The conference was a lot of work to create and well worth it. The connections we made and the projects that will grow are immeasurable. We will be monitoring the projects, tracking the many lives we will improve, and share the updates.  We will also share how many initiatives we accomplish over the next 12 months. When we meet next year at the Global Impact Conference August 10-11, 2017 in San Francisco Bay Area, we will reveal the progress.  Finally, we will create more collaborations and connections to continue to grow the power of impact.

We are changing the world, making it better, and would love for you to join us!

You can join us and/or contribute to our effort to change the world, making it better for all, especially children, by contributing to Our GoFundMe campaign. Thank you in Advance!


Left to Right: Panelists Doris Mangrum, Dr. Veronica Hunnicutt, Najjiyya Arnold, Dr. Louann Tung, and Pam Terry, emcee, discuss their various humanitarian projects with the audience. PWIC Making a Bigger Impact in Society



Officer Phil Helmer and Sergeant Steven Pomotto of the San Francisco Police Department give women self-defense techniques.

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