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Tendai’s Story

I was talking to a colleague about how to produce a project as it hadn’t been coming together as I had planned. This dilemma had happened before. After a lengthy conversation, she said to me, “Tendai, you are an ideas person, and maybe could use a little help on the execution side of planning.” I was shocked, but it made so many things I had been experiencing make sense. With that revelation, I was able to make some pivotal changes.

PWIC Encourages Leadership

Enter stage left, Powerful Women International Connections. I was honored to be invited to join this exclusive group of women. The membership is only offered to women who are compassionate about making a difference in the lives of others. I immediately felt a strong connection with this group of women. It seemed that after so many years, I was home with my family. I found myself among talented, gifted, committed, and dedicated women, each having a mission to improve the lives of others. Each woman works in various humanitarian projects. And, even better, each supports the other. It was amazing to witness!

The leadership is caring and supports the members by connecting them to whoever is able to assist them with the different aspects of their project. And, PWIC is international able to support its members located anywhere in the world.

A New Perspective

I had a project in progress. Although I didn’t consider it a humanitarian project, I saw that by getting my project off the ground it would support humanitarian projects of powerful women as they go through challenges in their own lives. I saw how my project would assist them to be even more powerful in the midst of their own personal hardships as they put their lives on the line and at risk to make a difference to underprivileged communities.

My project is women sharing their stories of challenges and how they overcame them. It’s called “5 PowerFull Women” (5PW).

Finding Success

My passion is to challenge, encourage, and support women in giving their gift and living happy, fulfilling lives. I facilitate groups of 5 women who share their stories of victory and success over a challenging circumstance. The sharing is videotaped with the intention to share the discussion with other women of the world using current media and technology. I had had some success and have come to know this as my calling.

Tendai's book


To my delight, with the support of PWIC, my project expanded and my book is published! PWIC saw how my project would support other women. They asked their experts to work with me. My project is alive and thriving!

I am excited about the upcoming Global Impact Conference as it will give me the opportunity to connect with women from all parts of the world. I will be able to share my project with compassionate leaders and get input from different perspectives.

Collaborative Leadership

Equally exciting, I am looking forward to seeing the projects and programs these women leaders have in progress. Examples of projects include working to stop human trafficking and domestic violence, putting clean water in developing countries, working to reduce recidivism, building schools/orphanages, and more.

I am honored to be a part of the leadership to support other women and see their projects grow and transform the world. I will also be leaving a legacy for my granddaughter and many other young women.


Join me at the Global Impact Conference in San Francisco, CA August 18-19, 2016

to see amazing women making a huge difference in society.


Sales Tips:
  1. Give your vision everything you have
  2. Confer with those who have gone before you
  3. Find a supportive group
  4. Reach out to possible mentors
  5. Give back by mentoring those following your footsteps
  6. Exchange ideas with many
  7. Learn from the worst and the best feedback
  8. Continually implement change for improvement
  9. Track progress and adjust path ahead
  10. Continue to persevere!


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