Baby Steps to Large Strides

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Valeri Bocage, CEO of Powerful Women International Connections, and I met more than twelve years ago. She possessed the most positive spirit I had ever witnessed ~ even after losing everything in Hurricane Katrina. She transformed her loss into her first version of her organization. The inspired vision continued to expand and improve.

The August conference was the best I ever witnessed. All members hold the same spirit. They transformed their personal tragedies into a project of helping communities. Each person is committed to making a positive difference in our global society. Momentum increased as members connected with one another to share the details about their projects. Collaborative effort took hold to embolden their missions.


Our commonality is to try, try, and try again. We each refuse to give up. It isn’t in our nature. And when others have suggested we do, those remarks became the motivating factors to keep trying. Eventually the disasters turned into baby steps. We recently advanced to the stage of making large strides. Our persistence has us now positioned to clearly seeing a sprint in the near future!

The Company We Keep

Shirin Hashem is the Founder of the Fashion Week San Francisco. This is an organization focused on providing a powerful marketing and business platform for Fashion, Beauty and Technology industries to showcase their products and services. Shirin has spent much time living abroad. She refers to the organization as the Global ‘intersection’ of Fashion in San Francisco.  In fact, she had 20 designers from around the world gathered at this year’s event.

Irina Karlik is spreading the Christmas spirit by helping to collect gifts for the children in need. She may be contacted for more information: 415-297-8307.


Branice Mckenzie

Branice inspired conference attendees with her original lyrics and singing of “A Better Day”. Click the link to see and hear her sing.

From Harry Belafonte to Roberta Flack, Hugh Masekela to Carly Simon, Branice McKenzie has worked with extraordinary talent. From Jazz Festivals to Musical Theatre, she has done it all and still is bringing audiences to their feet with praise and inspiration. Her experience as a teaching artist and a world-class performance coach renders for you the best marriage of discovering your artistic gifts and guiding you to your best via the vocal technology that goes with it.

Expanding Projects

Justina Page and her family are burn survivors. Once she moved past her agony, Justina recognized a strong need to assist others who face similar events. She has built a large community of support for other burn survivors.  Justina is now seeking to build shelter for family members as they help their loved ones return to everyday life.

Carrie Nitkin

Carrie Nikitin

Carrie recognized a strong need to help reduce recidivism or helping ex-prisoners to stay out of prison for the remainder of their lives. This is a huge and expensive problem needing to be fixed. A program is developing to make this a reality.


Does all of the above describe the type of organization you have always wanted to join but didn’t know how to locate? Please consider joining us. There are many ways to become involved with PWIConnections. You may join our membership at one of three levels:

1. See yourself as a leader and have an idea in mind for your own project or contribute to another. Become acquainted with others who may mentor you to get up and running more quickly to be a catalyst for positive change.

2. Establish your leadership capabilities. Your innate gifts and talents will have you collaborating and brainstorming ideas to launch your project and expand possibilities.

3. Expand your leadership by connecting and building allies with national and international leaders. The added exposure and assistance will help you to make an even larger impact.

You may learn more by visiting the PWIC website.  We have a sponsorship package upon request.   Another way to participate is to share this information with your friends, peers and companies with which you are involved.

We are seeking sponsors and donors to help us help our communities in a larger capacity. Watch our inspiring movie on our GoFundMe page.  All contributions are gladly acccepted, and please let us know your ideas.  Please tweet and re-post too. Together we may accomplish so much more!


Sales Tips:

  1. Expand your vision.
  2. Seek assistance with your projects.
  3. Join an appropriate group.
  4. Collaborate with group members.
  5. Revise your vision and projection.
  6. Take on team members to help you grow.
  7. Share your work openly to encourage others to share.
  8. Build a strong personal brand.
  9. Convert your personal brand story into a powerful branding program
  10. Celebrate success!
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