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What if YOU changed the world to a place of peace and harmony where everyone and every country had all they needed? What if YOU were a part of a Bigger Plan and a Bigger Purpose? You can and you are.

Does this sound like you: You have felt a little burning inside to do something Bigger than yourself. Inside you’ve felt it; however, you either brush it off or question yourself on how or when. Then, you go on with your day-to-day life because you’re busy.

Although you let go of the thought to do something bigger than you know yourself to be, many people have said you should either run for office, become an activist, or start a cause or organization. You’ve probably thought about it and wanted to, but you think you cannot do it, you don’t have the time, you are not the one, or you are just not good enough.

Well, those thoughts are your doubting voice, and, like so many other times, you fell for that crazy, doubting voice. Then, you might justify that voice by thinking that you are not a leader, you have not led anything. However, you have organized tons of stuff – your family get togethers and reunions, office projects, PTA’s, and more. So, yes, when you really think about it, you are a leader. Now is the time to take your leadership to a new community because the world needs your leadership.

Some of you may have already made a huge difference in communities and you want to make a bigger difference or start something new. However, you may say or think that you are too busy or other things get in the way, right?

There’s no time like the present” – Georgia Byng

Visit:  Global Impact Conference

Join Us in San Francisco, CA August 18-19 to make the world a better place, especially for children, our future.
You can “Be That Change.” 


We are bringing leaders together to connect and collaborate on humanitarian projects and causes at our Global Impact Conference, August 18-19, 2016 in San Francisco.

We invite you to be a part of it. Compassionate leaders will be coming together who are or want to make their communities, states, countries, and this world a better place to live.

We will be collaborating with action plans that will showcase measurable results during the year and each year of the differences we have made around the world.

Delia H

Delia Horwitz

One of our team leaders is, Delia Horwitz, who will be sharing how to powerfully collaborate to expand your team and contacts. Delia’s extensive experience spans over 40 years and includes consulting and facilitating hundreds of groups in a wide variety of circumstances. Her projects include strategic planning with non-profit Boards, team building with small and large corporations, goal setting with City Councils, corporate culture work with Fortune 500 senior leadership teams, and visioning with community stakeholders. She will show you how to collaborate successfully. You will want to be there!!

To view additional conference leaders, click here.

Visit:  Global Impact Conference

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Conference Leader, Crystal Montanez Baylor, center, with women from Pakistan who she has helped bring out of poverty to become successful entrepreneurs through honey-bee farming.

Pakistan Group

Crystal Montanez Baylor:  Honey-bee farming project 


Conference Exhibitor, Burn Survivor, and “Power House,” Justina Page, top center in purple shirt, advocates for burn survivors and is shown here with the After Burns Care Club that she created. Compassionate Leadership Collaboration

Burns Care Club

After Burns Care Club

Sales Tips:
  1. Commit a portion of time to community service
  2. Determine where your expertise fits a need or project
  3. Confer with other leaders to get your project off the ground
  4. Confer with other leaders to see how you might add expertise to their project
  5. Collaborate for a more powerful effort in place
  6. Continue the dialogue with many types of leaders
  7. Wider perspective brings about more powerful effort
  8. Advocate for other leaders to join in the mix
  9. Leadership defines your personal brand and empowers your effort
  10. The effort you put into empowering others will also exponentially raise the magnitude of your effort


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