Moving Through Tunnel of Doom to Experience Greatness

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Business owners, pastors, supervisors, teachers, doctors, lawyers, and it goes on….

We ALL have our challenges. Family gets in the way, but it’s family.  We don’t get to choose them.  We get to learn to love them anyway!

The Roller Coaster Ride

We sometimes sink into a dark tunnel of doom.  We think, “No one else is in this tunnel, it’s a great place to hide.”

Because it is your moment in your tunnel, you cannot see all of the others in the tunnel with you.  However, there are MANY people in that tunnel.  They, too, are struggling with their self-doubt, asking, “Why me”? 

Self pity takes hold to include thought such as,

  • “My life sucks”
  • “I cannot get back up again”
  • “I cannot win this EVER!”
  • “I will NEVER go outside again!”

BUT good news does emerge from the dark period.  Our challenges build muscle and character. They build strength that we did not know we had. This is precisely where miracles are birthed and good things come to light.  You may have experienced your own dark moments and chose to be in the tunnel to hide from the world.

At some point, the time comes to make a new choice
Your New Story

When the feeling of darkness strikes, take quiet time to answer the following questions:

  1. What are YOU going to do about your situation?
  2. How are YOU going to get up, and do something BIGGER; something better than you previously imagined?
  3. How are YOU going to turn the seemingly bad into good?

All types of choices are available to us.  Decisions affect our outcome.  Take time to prioritize what’s important to you, and what will provide the best chance of succeeding. Maybe one pint of your favorite ice cream will help, but, after that, put it down! Eating yourself into depression is NOT the way to go.

Your tunnel and challenges are part of your life.  They are your opportunity to learn to perform better and create an improved version of yourself.

Challenges help you to appreciate the better days while building character and strength. Your tunnel gives you POWER! It gives you a new walk. Embrace it all to emerge into Light.

Recipe for Emerging into Sunlight
  • Talk to someone who understands you and listens.
  • Surround yourself with people who possess positive energy and thoughts.
  • Look at ways you can turn the situation around; make a long list.
  • Select the three major ideas that motivate you.
  • Look at how you are going to make a difference for one person or many.
  • Take the advice from friends that inspires you the most.
Quotes from my Friends:

Carrie Nikitin “I am NOT doing that!” (There are just some things in life for which she is NOT willing to compromise herself or values.)

Pam Terry “I choose to be happy. I am NOT allowing anything to get in my way of being Happy!” (Life happens, be Happy No Matter What!)

Elinor Stutz “I choose to focus on ALL the good happening to remain motivated to pursue my vision.” (When life downers happen, look at what is going right.)

Valeri’s Experience

I decided to change the world! YES, I was waaay down the tunnel of doom! So, I turned the purpose of my company to bring women together from ALL over the globe to make a positive change. We now have men joining us, too!

Visit our PWIC Project Page This is just the beginning.

Let’s Change this World Together

Join me in making the world better by making a contribution on our GoFundMe page. ANY amount large or small helps significantly and it all adds up!   Your name will appear on our website!

Much Love, Valeri


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