Divine Meetings For A Reason

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Meeting Magic

When you meet someone new, and recognize an instant connection between the two of you, pay attention. As the conversation develops, it may seem as if you have known that person for years. This is what I refer to as a divine meeting.

Intuition tells you that you will one day work together, but it isn’t evident how that might be, just yet. Sometimes it takes years for the right moment to unfold. And then one day, an idea and timing unexpectedly unfold like magic.

But like anything else, the initial undertaking may not be quite right. Stay the course. Trust that the right time will reveal itself to produce a far better result. It will happen!

Developing the Team

Some of my team members and I have known each other for years. Elinor Stutz and I met when I first came to San Francisco, about 10 years ago. We both had the belief that one day we would work together. Today, she is the Chief Development person for PWIC.

Pam Terry and I connected right away. We have been working together for about nine years. Pam once told me, “Valeri I believe God arranged for us to meet in order to make a difference in the world”. Pam became our Chief Operating Officer.

Carrie Nikitin and I met years ago. It was said that she had raised many millions of dollars for a company in relatively little time. Whether or not that was true, that was all I knew. However, I had an inkling that one day I would work with Carrie. When she and I first met, it was clear the time wasn’t right to approach the possibility of working together.

Finally, I knew it was time to reconnect with Carrie. I confided that I wasn’t familiar with her work. I just intuitively knew that the time was right to learn more. The hope was we would find a way to work together. After a thorough conversation, and hearing the details of her work, I asked Carrie to become our Chief Business Strategist.

Richard and Sally Crawford and I met in 2011. It was evident on that initial meeting that one day we would do something together. They are now PWIC’s Communication Team and produced the inspirational movie for our GoFundMe page.

The intuitive encounters produced our executive team. A few others also came onboard to help PWIC change lives and make the world a better place. Female leaders who are building their humanitarian projects are the people with whom we collaborate.

Worldwide Projects

Our National Company project is to change the lives of prisoners by helping them to build their self-esteem and confidence. The plan is to teach them how to become home and businesses owners. Carrie Nikitin is heading up this project.

Our Global project is to rebuild a school/orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya. I oversee that project. PWIC members come together to share ideas and information. The idea is to build out each humanitarian project in order to reach more people. Together we are changing lives.

Consider joining us today to take part in this Movement for Societal Change.  Visit our PWIC Project Page.  Should you decide to make a Contribution large or small, your name will appear on our website.

PWIC Second Global Conference

Mark your calendars: August 10-11, 2017  for our next Global Impact Conference San Francisco, CA



PWIC’ s Global Project- School/Orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya. Chairwoman Valeri Bocage



Carrie Nikitin Chairwoman of PWIC’s Prison Project Sharing with attendees.



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