How to Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

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Valeri Bocage, CEO
Powerful Women International


When you have a big dream or vision, even if you don’t know how to make it happen, somehow, you know you can do it and that you must do it. You see it in your mind; you feel it in your heart. These are dreams and visions that seem bigger than you know yourself to be. You might not know how, but you know what to do. You talk to other people about it!

Lessons in Choosing a Team


When you ask people to assist you with your dream, sometimes, their ideas have nothing to do with your original idea. You might find that their style of working does not match your style. You think about your vision and decide these people are just not aligned. That’s when you decide that you need a new team. That is OK. Stay focused. This is just a lesson to learn how to carefully choose a team. The team that doesn’t work out is part of a process. When you look to see how they aren’t aligned, it helps you in finding those that are.

When Things Go Wrong, It is Time to Grow


When things go wrong, it is time to do things differently. When I first started, I had a team of seven local people that used to meet at my home. I would cook some New Orleans style food and we would eat. We brainstormed ideas about doing our local events and kept talking about going global.   However, we only talked about it. One day, I had to leave town for about a month to be with my family. When I came back, the momentum of meeting with my team of seven was lost. We could not find a day of the week that worked for everyone to meet again.

Quitting only produces regret; while persistence propels us to success

Breakdown to Breakthrough


I remember hearing that when there is a breakdown, look for the breakthroughs. At first, I was sad about not meeting with my local team of seven. Then, I began my prayers and realized it was time to actually go global.

I called women I knew around the world and built a global team of 50 women worldwide! It was time for a breakthrough for my vision of being a global company to bring a positive change to the world. Without the breakdown of my team of seven, I would not have had this important breakthrough.

Valeri Carrie Pam




My Cherished Team


Stay Focused and Inspire


You must keep moving towards your vision, NO Matter What! When you stay focused, one day you will see your vision come to pass. You will go through what one of my friends calls “potholes.” ALL of the potholes are on your path to make you more vibrant and stronger for your bigger vision. If it was easy, everyone would do it. It is for YOU to do! You can then authentically and passionately tell your journey to inspire others to fulfill theirs.

Success Tips:

  • Remain true to your vision
  • Learn from difficult lessons to surge ahead
  • Develop a trusted team to help lead and leverage success

Your benefits from following this advice will be to have established a well recognized personal brand, strong relationships, and people volunteering to pitch in to help.  Equally important, these tips will lead you to the Smooth Sale! 


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