Living and Leaving Your Powerful Legacy

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By Valeri Bocage

CEO Powerful Women International Connections

Establishing Vision

We commonly begin a project with the intent to make a difference for others. The idea develops either from a pervious experience, or from what we see as needed in the world. As our project takes hold, we seek to expand it to benefit more people.

But we are sometimes stopped in our tracks when we allow life to take over. Our time is consumed by other matters. We tell ourselves, “One day”! We will think about it, and talk about it. But unfortunately, the years pass by.

Then one day, we read a story of another person’s journey and the many lives they have changed. We are inspired by their journey. However, regret hits hard.

We recognize their story is exactly what we wanted to do, but could not find the time.

Be inspired to live your powerful legacy now.

My Story

My work in New Orleans was dedicated to making a difference for people.   I knew that I wanted to do something bigger in a global capacity. But, I was also guilty of saying, “One day”!

Eventually, I enrolled in a program to expand my vision.   But the program was soon discontinued. Disappointment hit.   My friend, Denise Strong, said,

“Valeri you keep talking about your global vision, yet you aren’t doing anything about it. If you want to do extraordinary things, you have to begin today!”

In no uncertain terms, Denise said, “You have a choice to either stay here, and continue as you are. Or, you can drive 5-6 hours, once per week, to Houston to remain in our program. Which option do you desire?”

“Changing more lives on a global level,” was foremost on my mind. I instantly replied, “I will drive to Houston once a week”.

My desire was to lift the spirits of others by encouraging them to use their innate gifts and talents. They, too, would be able to make a difference. The message needed to be heard that circumstance, race, color or creed do not matter. Purpose matters. Equally important, I wanted as many as possible to see their children safe, healthy and happy.

Valeri & Carrie

Your Story

Power Up Your Legacy
  • Stay involved with people who are making a difference
  • If your plan falls apart make a new plan
  • Allow your challenges to motivate you
  • Take on a new challenge

Together We Are More Powerful

Driving to Houston from New Orleans awakened my deepest desire. I began working with women internationally.

Today, we are inviting women who desire to make a positive difference in society to our Global Impact Conference. It will be held August 18-19, 2016, in San Francisco, CA at the Fairmont Hotel.

Right now we have early bird registration. Please click the link above to learn more about us and share with your peers. We look forward to connecting with you there!

Sales Tips:

  1. There will never be a better time!
  2. Network with like-minded colleagues
  3. Be inspired to improve your vision
  4. Gain new ideas from new role models
  5. Consider collaborative partners
  6. Build a larger vision
  7. Create a program to help more people
  8. Develop a mastermind group to help one another improve
  9. Focus on your idea each day to make it reality
  10. Take action today!

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