Living Your Purpose and Legacy

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Valeri Bocage, CEO
Powerful Women International

So often we get into a vicious cycle. We get caught up in making money just to live. We simply do our day-to-day routines. A boring and unfulfilling job, projects, or our business seem to take over our lives. We tell ourselves that when we get more money, more time, or when our lives get better, then we will do what we really want to do. If and when we get more money, we usually incur more expenses or some unexpected thing takes our “extra” money. Sound familiar?

Breaking the Vicious Cycle

How can we break this vicious cycle? First Step, decide that you want to make a change. Take authority over your life and say, “OK, ENOUGH!”

Temporary vs. Forever

I had a friend that was in a verbally abusive relationship for years. One day her husband started his rampage again. My friend said to him, “OK, I am done here.” She walked out of the house forever.

Lackluster vs. Fulfilling

Sometimes, we have to look at our lives and see if we are really happy and fulfilled and, if not, make a decision to change. Just say, “I am DONE here.” In that moment, we may not know what will follow; we just trust it will work out. Whether we have a plan or not, we will still be OK.

Same Old vs. Purpose

I remember another friend who was a manager at three McDonalds in New Orleans. But she wanted to do other things with her life. One day, she was sweeping the floor at one of the McDonald’s. She handed the broom to one of her employees. She walked out and never returned.

Success is found in making a difference for others.

One Life – Live it Now

I also remember when I came to San Francisco after losing everything in Hurricane Katrina. I came on a job offer. I told a friend how exciting the new job was. He smiled at me and said, “Is that what you want to do with the rest of your life?”

When he left, I thought about what he said. I said to myself, “My Life??!!”  So, I quit!

I prayed about my next role in life. I knew women and children were my community to help. So, I enrolled into a program with Landmark Education designed for people who wanted to make a difference in the world. Then Powerful Women International was birthed!

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Our Team Enjoying Being Together

Finding Your Purpose

  • Look at who you want to assist that makes you happy. Children, women, homeless, battered etc.
  • Look at what you would like to do to make a difference with those people. Educate, empower, serve, build, etc.
  • Then look at your innate gifts and talents. Ex. computers, speaking, writing, coordinating, building, etc.
  • Putting this together, you will know your purpose

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         Your Legacy

  • Once you have identified the community of people that you love working with and you are using your innate gifts and talents, you have created your legacy. VOILA! You are living your purpose with happiness and fulfillment.

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