Your Growth Comes When You Help Others to Grow

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Valeri Bocage
CEO Powerful Women International Connections

Valeri’s Story

Last week, I asked for everyone’s one big goal to accomplish this year. I am sure those of you who read the blog last week thought about it, shared it, and possibly wrote it down.

For those of you just reading about the idea now, I am asking the same of you, too. What is the one project that should you succeed with it this year will make a world of difference? Make sure that you add a target date to accomplish it.

Vision requires a structured but flexible plan in place. Working backward, list the milestones and goals to achieve along with their completion dates. Maintaining a running task list of everything to be done will help maintain the motivation and enthusiasm as tasks are complete. In this way, you are far more likely to accomplish the project by the set time if not before.

Build Community

So often, we tell ourselves that we are going to make a difference for others just as soon as we reach our goal. Unfortunately, though, the lack of action does not match reality. We whole-heartedly congratulate the people who are reaching out to help others!

If you have not started on the track to help others yet, my suggestion is to begin today. Contribute to a project or cause in some way or start your own to make a difference for other people.

The first step toward assisting others is to look at how you want to help so that you feel fulfilled. Ask yourself what you could do to make a difference and also feel the joy of knowing you are able to help improve the lives of others. What cause or project can you support or start? You don’t have to know all the answers yet. Just start someplace. Ideas will come to you, for it all come together.

When you make a difference for others, the things that you need for yourself will happen. It is amazing how your personal life enjoys the sense of fulfillment when you give back.

Greta Gladney, The Change-Maker
Greta’s Story

One of our members, Greta Gladney, is being called a “Change Maker” out of her desire to alleviate poverty in a small area of New Orleans. She wanted to be the one to make that difference. She started in her local area called the “Lower Ninth Ward” in New Orleans.

Her project took on a life of its own to provide jobs for youth. She has been noticeably successful with providing jobs for hundreds of people throughout the city of New Orleans. Her project, “The Renaissance Project,” expanded throughout the city and she began providing food to underprivileged and needy families including the elderly. As she worked to help others, her personal life has taken a turn for the better. Greta has traveled to many cities and countries and married the love of her life.

Greta is changing the lives of hundreds of people. She is also working on taking her work globally. Congratulations to you, Change Maker!

Greta’s Relaxing Time

Your Story and Vision

What is your vision to achieve by the end of 2017? Look at one thing that will have you dancing with joy as you complete it by the end of this year!

Sometimes our projects involve many more pieces and elements of education than we initially recognize. Should this come to light for your project, think about the component that will have us seeing you embrace joy by the end of the year.

We would love to hear from you about your project, current vision, and future plan. When you are ready we also welcome having a conversation about how we may assist your effort. We look forward to listening to your ideas, brainstorming with you, and cheering you on along your path to great success!

Email us at if you have more questions or want to get involved with us at any level.

What We Are About

PWIC works to help improve lives of people around the world. We are working to connect and educate women who are making a difference in humanity on a global scale.  Our members lead projects in alignment with our mission.

Join PWIC ‘Women Humanitarian Leaders Global Map to showcase how you are making a difference.  Complete our World Leader’s Map (No cost to complete the short form.) to showcase how you are making a difference in the world. 

Some of our humanitarian Member Projects include:

  • Burn Survivors
  • Human Trafficking
  • Reducing Recidivism
  • Children at Risk
  • Empowering Developing Countries
  • Homelessness

Together WE can create a better world.

There are several ways you can join us in our efforts to make the world better:

  1. Become a member of Powerful Women International Connections.
  2. Contribute to our GoFundMe site above. (Any amount helps us to assist our members.)
  3. Mark Your Calendar and plan to attend the Global Impact Conference August 10-11, 2017

With your help, we can expand our projects, unite more women humanitarian leaders, and help them make a bigger impact. For more information about the difference our members are making, visit or emails us at and let us know about your project or desire to make the world better. We would love to hear from you!

We Invite You!

Email us at OR There are also many ways you can join us in our efforts to make the world a better place. Become a member. Let us know what you are doing to change lives!

Sales Tips
  1. Write down your year-end goal.
  2. Add the completion date next to your year-end goal.
  3. Commit to 4 quarterly goals that lead to the yearly goal; include set dates.
  4. List milestones to achieve for each quarterly goal.
  5. Maintain a daily running task list of things to be accomplished.
  6. As tasks are complete, cross them off the list and continue to add new ones.
  7. Establish a time safety-net, such as one evening per week, to complete tasks on time for when the unexpected occurs.
  8. As you reach goals and milestones more quickly, reset the last quarterly goal and refine your vision for the year.
  9. Analyze what works best to leverage and continue to build bigger and better.
  10. Celebrate Success!

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