Open Invitation for Leaders Striving to Improve Society

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Valeri Bocage
CEO Powerful Women International Connections

Many human beings desire to make a difference in our world, but only a small percentage act upon the idea as the rest simply talk about doing so “one day”.

My company has been built by focusing on both the women leaders already making a difference and compassionate women who want to make a difference in our world.  It has been an exciting journey to connect with these types of women worldwide.  Examples of their work include;

  • Striving to stop human trafficking and domestic violence
  • Providing clean water in developing countries
  • Empowering women, children and the homeless
  • Reducing poor choices of the underprivileged
  • Helping burn victims return to normalcy…

In addition, PWIC embraced two major projects:

  1. Our national project is to change the prison system and help rehabilitate the people who are incarcerated.
  2. Our global project is to rebuild a school/orphanage that we adopted in Nairobi, Kenya.

Our Global Impact Conference, will be held August 18-19, 2016 at the Fairmont Hotel, in San Francisco, CA.  It is designed to bring females leaders together. The philosophy is, “Weaving a Tapestry of Positive Changes to Make a Bigger Impact”.  We cordially invite male leaders, already making a difference in the world, or who support women doing so, to join us.

The purpose of the global conference ~ Connect and collaborate to expand our members’ projects.

We want male leaders, decision makers, trailblazers, and idealists to brainstorm and collaborate with the women.

Crystal and Hillary         Leaders

Cristal Montanez Baylor              Positive Impact Leaders
Hillary Clinton

Your Story  

  • How may you make a greater positive impact to change your community?
  • Brainstorm and collaborate with our leadership team to to help move your idea(s) to a higher level.

Shared Story

I would like to share this story with you. A huge tree in a local neighborhood caused many accidents.  These included cars, as well as children on their bikes and on scooters. The huge tree created deep cracks in the walkway and on the streets. Everyone talked about having the tree chopped down. After each accident, the City said they would tend to the problems.  But nothing was ever done.

One day, an elderly man was looking out his window as he witnessed a small child falling off his bike because of the tree. The child was heard crying. The man was angry.  He went to his garage to retrieve a small yellow hatchet and began to chop the tree. A neighbor passed by and upon seeing the man with the tiny hatchet, jumped in to help. Another neighbor who witnessed the two men chopping the tree, ran to get his electric saw to join in. Later that evening a lumber jack saw the men, and knew that they would be weeks cutting away at the tree. He made a call. About ½ hour later a huge truck with 5 men, also from the neighborhood, pulled up in a big red truck. They were a part of the local lumber jack company.  Yes, the tree finally came down.

The moral of the story is, while we may not know how to do everything required, by starting with a team, we soon attract the experts needed.  Should  you be a person involved with leadership and making a difference, or a compassionate leader who envisions doing so, please join us on August 18-19, 2016, to connect and collaborate. Together, we may positively make a difference in society.

Learn more by visiting:
 Global Impact Conference

Sales Tips:

  1. Set a long-term vision
  2. Include Community
  3. Brainstorm with people who have gone before you
  4. Ramp up your original idea
  5. Find a team to assist in delivering a robust program
  6. Self educate and train your team
  7. Hire people to assist you
  8. Network with like minded people
  9. Put milestones in place to increase motivation
  10. Celebrate achievements as progress is made

These suggestions will help lead you to the Smooth Sale!  

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