Nothing Is As Bad As It Seems When You Focus on the Right Things

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The PWIC Story

PWIC focuses on helping the less fortunate, the underserved, and people in marginal communities. You can help us expand our reach and make a bigger impact by contributing to our GoFundMe campaign.

Valeri’s Story

When we experience stressful situations, we naturally worry about the outcome. We go down a rabbit hole by concentrating solely on how the negative gloom will affect us and our lives. Even worse, stress is known to cause ill health.

Let It Go…

The best way to get through these types of situations is to worry less, and then do everything we can in every way we can. Then, trust that the desired outcome will work out too. The less we worry, and the more we focus on doing our part, the easier it becomes to move forward. By the time the situation plays out, we feel both surprised and relieved.

Reduce Worry and Make It To the Other End:
  1. Eat healthy, get your rest, and make fitness mandatory.
  2. No matter what, ALWAYS do the right thing.
  3. Follow your heart to what YOU believe is right for you.
  4. Never lie or do what is out of integrity to get ahead. (In this way you can sleep well at night.)
  5. Leave the worry in the closet locked up in a chained box.
  6. Throw away the “worry key” FOREVER!
  7. Focus on your corner of the world and what you can do to help others and lift your heart.
  8. Listen to follow and do what your heart tells you to do.

 “Your heart is smart.”

As you see other people guilty of not doing the right thing, move away. It’s only a moment in time when it seems as if the person is getting away with the unthinkable. Turn your time and attention to someone else striving to do good.

The saying holds true, “We reap what we sow.” Seemingly like magic, whatever you focus on is what you attract. Focus on taking care of YOU. Then, use your passion to focus on assisting people who you know that would love your help.

If you are working on a project to make a difference, GREAT! If you want to find a project to make a difference, we can help. Either way, you are warmly invited to become a part of the PWIC community.   We combine forces to adjust those things that are not going right or things that we cannot fix by ourselves. The once troublesome thought transforms when we use our gifts, talents, and passion to help the less fortunate to improve their lives.

Your Story

This weekend, give consideration to what is foremost on your mind, especially what you find troubling.  Give thought to how you might gain momentum by joining with like-minded people to advance your vision, or how you may work on a combined effort for all.  Together, we can make a bigger impact for positive change in the world. The members of the PWIC community work on a variety of humanitarian projects and causes. Be inspired!

Our Current Projects Include:
  • Empowering Burn Survivors
  • Eliminating Human Trafficking
  • Reducing Recidivism
  • Empowering Children at Risk
  • Empowering Developing Countries
  • Reducing Homelessness

Together we can make a difference. No matter what the rest of the world is doing or thinks, WE can create a better world.

Join Us Today

Let’s Make a Bigger Impact in Society.  Tell us what you are doing or want to do to change lives. E-mail us at There are many ways you can join our “band of incredible leaders” and participate with us to make the world a better place:

  • Become a member.
  • Mark Your Calendar for our Global Impact Conference August 10-11, 2017.
  • Donate to our Gifts for the Holidays.
  • Be seen on the “Women World Leaders Map” on our website as a woman who is making a difference in the world by completing a brief Leader’s Map form.
  • You can help us make a difference in the lives of many and all around the world by contributing to our GoFundMe campaign.  

We are excited to share that we have recently formed our non-profit, a 501c3, PWIC Global Impact, to also assist our members with their callings and projects.

Sales Tips:
  1. Visualize your legacy.
  2. Begin planning your legacy.
  3. Live your vision for empowering humanity.
  4. Learn from counterparts what to avoid and what to implement.
  5. Network with like-minded female leaders.
  6. Join PWIC.
  7. Attend our events.
  8. Report back regarding your progress to brainstorm ideas.
  9. Implement the new ideas to help more people.
  10. Celebrate success!
Joining the team and following these guidelines will lead you to the Smooth Sale!
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