Leading With Vision: Despite Challenges, Inspiration to Keep Going!

Valeri Bocage- CEO Powerful Women International Connections

One of the most important objectives, is keeping a shared vision at the forefront. Many companies make changes, and go through challenges. However, if the company’s vision is kept at the forefront, employees will persevere through difficult situations.

I know of a company that does transformation work. It is one of the largest companies globally. Each meeting (or program) begins with reading together the vision and mission statements. This sets the tone, and brings everyone together in alignment. Reading the words aloud, inspires everyone involved.

Focusing on the mission and vision brings unity and close cohesiveness. When things change, or a challenge arises, a shared vision helps team members realign with the company’s initial purpose.

 Fifteen tips for finding inspiration during changes or challenging times:

  1. Read your vision and mission statements out loud.
  2. Ask if everyone understands the vision and mission.
  3. Seek feedback and clarification.
  4. Reflect on why you started, or joined the company.
  5. Remember your original joy.
  6. Perceive the challenge before you. Find a resolution that benefits all.
  7. Look at how the situation is advantageous.
  8. Create a new plan of action.
  9. Establish a unified, shared goal.
  10. Remove any negative doubt.

Fifteen tips for finding inspiration during changes or challenging times (continued):

  1. Align everyone with the same intended purpose.
  2. Ensure each person is on the same page.
  3. Work together as a team.
  4. Look for solutions together.
  5. Make sure to give back to a cause, or help within the community.

Rereading your vision will re-inspire your motivation.

If the vision and mission no longer feel right, and they are failing to inspire, then it is time to make changes. 

As a business owner, I am constantly inspired by our vision and mission. 

Working with women humanitarians, and watching them change lives, is truly rewarding.

Victoria Zitrin is an awesome woman who assists  her community.

Victoria has a boutique called VBoutique in San Francisco. She gives 100% of her proceeds back to the community. Those funds help young girls and women, especially those affected by Human Trafficking. Victoria is a former attorney. Her vision and mission are dedicated to giving back to her community

My colleagues and I are proud of you, Victoria.

Valeri Bocage CEO of PWIC  and Victoria Zitrin Founder of VBoutique. We shared a day together at the Breakfast Club. We are pictured at The Fairmont Hotel located in San Francisco.

  Giving back is inspiring. 

Editor Shana McKinnon

Join PWIC in our efforts of making the world better.  Lead and be a champion!The added benefit is building a highly esteemed personal and company brand.

Some of our Humanitarian Member Projects include (but are not limited to):

  • Assisting Burn Survivors
  • Stopping Human Trafficking
  • Reducing Recidivism
  • Aiding Children at Risk
  • Empowering Developing Countries
  • Working with the Homeless

With your help, we can expand our projects, uniting more women humanitarian leaders, and helping them make a bigger impact in the world.  We would love to hear about your vision, and how its implementation is changing people’s lives.

If you are a woman working to change lives, please complete our Women Humanitarian Leaders Global Map (at no cost), and showcase how you are making a difference in today’s society.

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