Is Your Timing On Target?

Valeri Bocage CEO
Powerful Women International Connections

Valeri’s Story

There is something mysterious about the “right timing” for things to happen. If you are working on a project or an aspect of your company growth, you know timing is everything. And, unfortunately, when you are working on a deadline with many projects ahead of you, some days just don’t work out as planned.

Have you had a series of highly productive days, then the following workdays seem to fall apart? My experiences include:

  • No one is available to talk
  • Meetings cancel
  • My overall energy declines.

For some unknown reason, the timing is off, and nothing flows as expected. It begins to feel as if everything is on hold. Please keep in mind to not feel guilty as the unexpected occurs, but know that slowdowns happen for everyone.


If your day starts out with everything feeling off – then just take it off! One of my most recent lessons was learning to relax on my less stellar days. One night, I was excited about getting straight to my “to do” list awaiting me in the morning. I awoke highly energetic, but nothing seemed to work. My creativity was off, and sleepiness took over.

I tried to force the work ahead of me, but it was of no use as. Nothing was working out. By the mid-afternoon, I decided to quit trying to force things to happen and ended my workday early. Instead, I treated myself to taking a long nap. Afterward, I ate dinner and watched movies and finally felt relief from anxiety.

The next day I was re-energized and motivated to push through the barriers. New ideas came to me that were not there the day before, and I got through the “to do” list with ease.

My lesson is “trying to force things to happen will only bring both friction and frustration.” So when your inner self is calling for a break, give it one! Those projects will still be there the next day.

Timing with the Right People

There were times I would meet people and almost instantly recognize I wanted to work with them, but the time was not right. In fact, three of my team members and I met years ago. There was no doubt that I wanted to work with each as soon as we met. But our attempts at collaborative efforts did not work out as expected because the timing was not right. However, I remained in touch.

Years later, the timing finally proved to be right. Once I changed direction and began doing my heart’s work (working with women humanitarian leaders), it was time to work with the remarkable people I met years ago. Thankfully, we established good relationships in the process.


I met Carrie Nikitin many years ago and loved her personality. I had heard that she worked with large-scale businesses and high profile people. She came highly recommended. But I needed to learn more about her business background. We would enjoy our occasional calls, and I always ended them by saying, “I want to work with you, and will let you know when the right day arrives.”

Carrie kept abreast of what I was doing through our emails and newsletters. Then the day came for me to learn more and fully understand all of Carrie’s capabilities. Carrie laughed and told me that she is a business strategist. Her specialty is working with start-ups.

Timing is everything! I had just rebranded and started over again. Carrie and I decided to meet in Houston. It was the best meeting I ever had. We became sisters for life. She is one of the smartest women I know. All of our members fall in love with Carrie. We admire her unique style and ability to work with everyone as a group and on an individual basis. She is known for turning around declining businesses and strategizing their growth to become large corporations. The traditional hardcore businesspeople remain humble in her presence while admiring her incredible talent.

Sally and Richard

We are proud to also have Richard and Sally Crawford of One Production on our team. I first met Richard at CEO Space, March 2011. As we spoke, Richard shared his insights on the value and impact videos have on our endeavors. I knew that Richard was a part of the originating team and crew for the International Best-Selling book and movie, “The Secret.”

Richard’s authenticity was evident as he spoke of helping other people. His excitement could be seen and felt. He then shared that his wife Sally is his business partner and that they are married for over 40 years. My thought is that any couple that loves helping people that much and remains married for 40 years are the type with whom I want to work!

I later found out that Richard was awarded five Emmys for his work and that both he and Sally have done work for NASA! The two of them have smarts, talent, longevity, and a huge heart to make a difference. After years of waiting to work with them, I am proud to say they are now on my team.

Elinor Stutz - Speaker

Elinor and I met eleven years ago at a women’s networking event where she exhibited her books. I walked over to her table to begin a conversation. Surprisingly, Elinor never asked me to purchase a book as the other vendors did. She mentioned that she was a new author. And with laughter in her voice, Elinor proudly said it was her first book. It was featured in TIME Magazine and translated into four languages to become an International Best-Seller. The surprise in her voice made me laugh, too!

I told Elinor that I had just started my company and that we were working with women to empower them to live their dreams. I briefly shared my journey with her. I had just moved to San Francisco after losing everything I had in Hurricane Katrina. All I had left in the world were two pairs of jeans. One of the commonalities was that articles were written about me and my adventures too. We both laughed as we recognized the hurdles we overcame to continue our incredible journeys.

To my delight, Elinor presented me with an autographed copy of her book. We exchanged business cards and built a relationship over time. It wasn’t until later that I realized Elinor’s book is about building relationships first before attempting to sell anything. She is a living example of her book. We stayed in touch over the years, and I had her speak at some of my events. After the new branding of my company, it became the right time to invite Elinor to come on board.

Team Synergy

All of my team members are authentic, savvy, and compassionate about helping other people. We look forward to helping one another as we develop new ideas for our organization to grow. We work together to bring our members resources, information and the connections they need to be successful. Our vision is that together we can help make a Bigger Impact to change more lives in our world.

When the right people come together to collaborate who are compassionate about helping others the vision expands, and a Bigger Impact occurs. ~Valeri Bocage

View Our Team Making a Difference in Our World

Lead and Be A Champion!

We invite you to join us to make a difference in the world! Take a look at what some of our other members are doing:

Join PWIC ‘Women Humanitarian Leaders Global Map to showcase how you are making a difference.  Complete our World Leader’s Map (No cost to complete the short form.) to showcase how you are making a difference in the world. The added benefit is to build a highly admired personal and company brand.

Some of our humanitarian Member Projects include:

  • Burn Survivors
  • Human Trafficking
  • Reducing Recidivism
  • Children at Risk
  • Empowering Developing Countries
  • Homelessness

Together WE can create a better world.

There are several ways you can join us in our efforts to make the world better:

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With your help, we can expand our projects, unite more women humanitarian leaders, and help them make a bigger impact. For more information about the difference our members are making, visit or emails us at and let us know about your project or desire to make the world better. We would love to hear from you!

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Always include giving back to help change lives. That is where the juice of life is! We invite you to join us to make a difference in the world!

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