Are YOU the One that You Have Been Waiting For?

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Valeri Bocage CEO

Powerful Women International Connections

Leadership ~ Rising Up to Make a Positive Difference

We are hounded and dumbfounded about news of the horrific events in our world, today. Our observations confirm much of it. The very long list includes the operation of our governments worldwide, schools and universities, and businesses collapsing, too, along with inhumane acts.

We become angry with most of it. We shake our heads. Many of us are concerned while others are flat out afraid. Some just hold onto where they are and with what they have in front of them, trying with difficulty not to focus on the negatives.

There are some things beyond our control. However, there is a way to help change the tide – constructively of course!

True Leadership

True leaders may get angry. However, they are level-headed too. Those who make good leaders are the ones who can stay calm in the midst of a crisis.They can make rational decisions no matter what the circumstance. True leaders don’t waste time helping those who feel bad to feel good. They take the time to weigh all of the odds to create the best for everyone.

These type of leaders put their team, family, and community first. True leaders are not focused on the material and monetary gain. Instead, they relentlessly pursue the process of improving the lives of others to help create a healthier society on a long term basis.

Everyone deserves the experience of a win.

Everyday People

In today’s chaotic world, we will begin to notice these leaders standing apart from the norm. These leaders will be housewives, professionals, CEO’s, teachers, doctors and nurses who never thought of making a difference beyond their immediate community. Or they have thought about it a little but didn’t run with the idea. Now they find themselves continually thinking about improvements for society and making a difference on a global level.

Some of you who are reading this know who you are. You have begun to feel a fire inside of you to make a difference either in your local schools and your communities. The flames continue to build everytime you hear about human trafficking, domestic violence, kids at risk, and the increase of prisoners. For some, the heat within has developed the urge to work with developing nations and beyond.

If you have been thinking about creating change for a while, or you have the burning desire to be the change agent – now is the time!

Become The Change Agent

Yes, you know who you are! You are the Legacy Change Makers! If you are saying, “Yes” to your new leadership role and calling, we applaud you for moving forward to make a positive difference and change lives.

The key to leadership is to not wait for someone else but to take the reigns yourself. You have realized that you are the one on whom you have been waiting all this time! Surprised?! You probably are! Congratulations to those who realize they are the ones!

For those who want to make a difference on a smaller scale, with your family and community, call a meeting or join one that already exists. Do something special for yourself, and step into your new role!

Another excellent route is to find projects with which you may assist to motivate positive change. Or you may have ideas already well thought out and ready to go, you just want to be in a group of collaborative leaders to help propel you forward. In this case, please give PWIConnections serious thought. Together we may accomplish so much more!

Lead and Be A Champion!

We invite you to join us to make a difference in the world! Take a look at what some of our other members are doing:

Join PWIC ‘Women Humanitarian Leaders Global Map to showcase how you are making a difference.  Complete our World Leader’s Map (No cost to complete the short form.) to showcase how you are making a difference in the world. The added benefit is to build a highly admired personal and company brand.

Some of our humanitarian Member Projects include:

  • Burn Survivors
  • Human Trafficking
  • Reducing Recidivism
  • Children at Risk
  • Empowering Developing Countries
  • Homelessness

Together WE can create a better world.

There are several ways you can join us in our efforts to make the world better:

  1. Become a member of Powerful Women International Connections.
  2. Contribute to our GoFundMe site above. (Any amount helps us to assist our members.)
  3. Mark Your Calendar and plan to attend the Global Impact Conference August 10-11, 2017

With your help, we can expand our projects, unite more women humanitarian leaders, and help them make a bigger impact. For more information about the difference our members are making, visit or emails us at and let us know about your project or desire to make the world better. We would love to hear from you!

We Invite You!

Email us at OR There are also many ways you can join us in our efforts to make the world a better place. Become a member. Let us know what you are doing to change lives!

  1. Fear may creep in when you are doing something new. Just take a deep breath and tell Fear, “well you just have to come with me because I am going!”
  2. Pray and pray often for guidance and direction – it helps.
  3. Get a team together that is composed of people who believe in you.
  4. Make sure your team works well together.
  5. Recognize that sometimes good friends cannot work together; be willing to let them go.
  6. In a friendly tone communicate that the working relationship is not a good fit at the current time.
  7. Keep your core values with you at all times and never compromise.
  8. Before you begin, develop a concise long-term vision for what you wish to accomplish ultimately.
  9. Clarity is a huge key in moving forward along with the flexibility to make improvements.
  10. Celebrate Success!

Always include giving back to help change lives. That is where the juice of life is! We invite you to join us to make a difference in the world!

NOTE:  By incorporating giving and helping communities of your choice, you will experience The Smooth Sale!

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