'Connecting Women Leaders for Positive Change'
Our members are stopping human trafficking and domestic violence, putting clean water in developing countries, empowering women and children, making a difference with the homeless, working to change lives, empowering the incarcerated and bringing programs to prison systems, building up underprivileged communities, and more.
Global Outreach
PWI Connections works to strengthen and expand your causes, projects and organizations to make a bigger impact and positive difference in society.
Our leaders are making positive differences in areas of life such as ending domestic violence and human trafficking, building confidence and leadership in children and women, working with burnt victims, creating economic opportunities in poverty areas, working with prisoners and prison systems, putting clean water in developing countries etc.
Legacy Builders
PWI Connections members are compassionate women leaders in business, government, and non-profits and include thought leaders who are making a positive difference in our society by using their innate gifts and talents.nnWhat could be more inspiring?
Breakthrough Leadership Programs
PWI Connections knows how to create breakthroughs when you’re stuck or when you can’t seem to get something to happen especially when you take on something new or expand what you are up to.
Our programs and our community are designed to provide you with the connections and the training to keep expanding who you are and living a life that you not only love but also makes a positive impact in the world.
“Our greatest success will always come just one step beyond our greatest challenge."
~ Napoleon Hill
World Changers
Being authentic, courageous, taking bold action, living life that balances work and play, being inspiring or being inspired, our members are vivacious and compassionate. They are savvy and encouraging.
Our programs are designed to bring out the “you” that you have always been waiting for. The “you” who knows who she is, understands her power, uses it benevolently, and creates projects or businesses that make a difference for others. What are you waiting for? Join PWI Connections today and become a part of this dynamic, global community of world changers!
Life Balance
PWI Connections believes in living a healthy and balanced life. We encourage being healthy and fit so you can be better for you, your families, and communities that you work to empower.nnAnd equally important, being healthy includes loving what you do! What better way than to discover and use your innate gifts and talents to make a difference in the world. PWI Connections will support you to do that.